Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hats off parents with multiple children that have issues

Having 3 kids, a house, dog, husband that works long hours and a part-time job can be harrowing for the best of  us.  Worse if you work full time I would assume.

Now throw into the mix, all 3 children with some type of issue.  So now we are adding in doctors appointments, ER visits, regular family functions, advocating for your children, and normal stresses of life.  It gets to be a little much.

I can say I have a new appreciation for parents that have specialist appointments every day or a few every week. It can be nerve racking trying to coordinate  child care for 1 child, then take another one to an appointment, not to mention cooking dinner and cleaning up.

I am at least lucky with 2 of the children being older and able to pull some of the weight off when they decide to act like normal human beings and not the self centered teens that they are.

I am lucky with a husband that on his day off picks up slack and does things that I have yet to find time to accomplish.

I am learning how to take time out for me, and that is hard.  I mentally decided that when my oldest works late (after 8) my husband can do the bed time routine and I will leave to get her very early and go hang out at the book store.  I am also very lucky in having a job to where their view is your children first us second, even though I try not an push it, it is nice knowing.

I need to replenish my sanity level.  I have felt on the verge of burn out the past few weeks, and that is not good for anyone.

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