Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sensory seeking

For those with nice neuro typical children or no children.  Quick non medical explanation of sensory seeking.

A child who thrives off of different sensory stimulation.   It could be water, sand play, physical swinging, bear hugs, or tactile play dough, clay or a combination.

For my son one of the things he loves are tights and nylons, even silky dress socks.  I thought I had gotten rid of all the knee highs over a year ago.  I was wrong. He found the only knee high in the house and put it on in a flash.  Then was looking for its mate that didn't exists. Well I took the opportunity to use his knee high passion to get some good behavior out of him and it worked.  Well said knee highs disappeared again and he hasn't said anything about them.

Until last night, I had to get some tights for myself and G found them.  He took off running with them thinking that I had bought them all for him.  I told him to get his grubby paws off my tights he looked at me and laughed saying they were his.  Nope not happening buddy, I wrestled him to the ground I was victorious I had my tights.  They went on a high shelf.  He then started in on his socks where were the offending items in question are no wear to be found. So he pouted for about 30 minutes.  Till something else came along for him to destroy.  

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